ZXRunner - Lode Runner (Android, iOS)

ZXRunner - Retro Game based on the classic arcade for the ZX Spectrum (Lode Runner).

I'm a very big fan of Lode Runner. I really wanted to find the version of Lode Runner for ZX Spectrum on mobile devices. This is a game of my childhood. I did not find what I wanted. And I decided to make a mobile version for myself. I was able to do this and enjoyed the game.

The game features 150 levels of Lode Runner for the ZX Spectrum. The most important thing in my version is a fully customizable control (the position and size of the buttons and the size of the game screen). This I so lacked in the official versions of Lode Runner for mobile.

Perhaps in the world there are people for whom Lode Runner for ZX Spectrum is also very necessary. So I added the game on Google Play.


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"ZXRunner" (PlayMarket)  (AppStore)


Platform: Android, iOS
Release Year: 2017-2018
Developer: E140Games