EasyPOOL - Mobile

Easy POOL - Simple billiards based on the game VideoPOOL (ZX Spectrum, 1984).

EasyPOOL is a very simple version of Russian Billiards. This is a game without an enemy, on points. The rules are similar to the rules of Russian Billiards. Everything is very simple: Drive white balls into the pockets and take care of the black ball. If you scored several balls in a row or hit the marked pocket, get a bonus (the result for the ball scored is multiplied). There are seven levels in the game - as the level increases, the difficulty increases and the price of the ball scored rises. During the game, the statistics of the points obtained It can be compared with the best passing. If it seemed to you that it was too easy to play - you can raise the level of difficulty in the settings. At the same time, the "cost" of a hammered ball will increase significantly.The game works without constantly connected Internet. 

Free version of EasyPOOL for mobile 
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Platform: Android, iOS
Release Year: 2015, 2018
Developer: E140Games