EasyPOOL - Mobile

Easy POOL - Simple billiards based on the game VideoPOOL (ZX Spectrum, 1984).

EasyPOOL is a simpler version of billiards that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gender or age. You don't even need to know any traditional rules for billiards to play it. Everything is very simple: Sink the white balls and avoid sinking the black one. If you sink several balls in a row or hit the designated pocket, you get bonus points. There are seven levels in the game and with every new level the complexity and value of the balls increase. Your score is kept in-game and can be compared to your best completed game. If the game turns out to be too simple for you, you can increase the complexity level in Settings to significantly increase the value of sunk balls.

Easy Pool 128

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Platform: Android
Release Year: 2015
Developer: E140Games